Authored by Natural selection?

If humans, a product of natural selection?

It means if it ends with human extinction

Another species ready to take over

Traces of humanity lost forever

Earth has existed for 4.543 billion years

Man has existed for just 200,000 years

Dinosaurs, mammoths all lost to selection

Of course aided by hunting and civilization

Still it is survival for the fittest, natural selection

An ecosystem needs a dominant species

If humanity were to roll the extinction dice

What species would be ready to replace

Be dominant take over what was left by our race

Slowly erase our structures leave no trace

Will the race find ruins, cars and residents?

Wonder what was the intention

For all the building and construction

Or would it be just a primitive species

That right now lives in the deep seas

Where was humanity before 200,000 years?

Or when the dinosaur comet wiped 70% of life?

Does that means our replacement

May be living just be in existence

Not an excuse to poach and purge

The power we enjoy experience surge

If another species is to evolve

We still can’t fully explain our origin

However everyone thinks of the end

What if natural selection happened?

Our extinction life as we know it threatened

A countdown to the last humanity decade

What species would it be?

We have spent years looking into space

While out of earth evolved our race

If evolution happened again

Would we make the list again

The list authored by natural selection


Public speak peptalk

I am afraid of speaking infront of that crowd

I know dear there is like 50 people in there

They say one is lonely two is a couple three is a crowd

You are not helping you know that

Its funny you fear public speaking

In a few years you not only are gonna speak

But also kiss a man and confess love

Yeah you will do that infront of your mother

I and your father will be in the crowd

We wont look away we will cheer

Your reverend or father will be standing there

If you kiss too well

we will know you have kissed a couple of frogs

We not judgy just keen

Ever heard of a wedding night

Ever heard of the word consumate

We are gonna know where you will be that night

Unlike the times you lie or sneak out

After a year or so some will be expecting a baby

Well dont stress thats a maybe

You know where babies come from

Or dont you Gina?

Thats a weird peptalk

It also helps to picture the audience nakey

No dont do that it is a little pervy

They are calling your name

Go out there and remember years later

Your kids will do the same before you

Everybody will be there Gina


Insight a diversity

You wake up one day, everyone is simillar. No personalities no races or nations. Well that would end wars discrimination. Everyone you meet has your physical appearances. Making simillar utterances.

Well everyone belongs to your gender. Everything is following your agenda. At least their isnt sexual based violence and inequality. Life is also quality. Thoughts simillar, language familliar.

You don’t have to explain yourself, they understand you in everyway. There is no sexuality hence no harrassment. Undertanding has alienated resentment. Finally you have achieved globolization. Crossborder travel is easy crime is zero.

Then comes the nightmares. Everyone knows what you think zero privacy. Everyone has your genes and gender reproduction is a nightmare. Everyone likes what you like creativity is at zero. Your neighbor has your face your spouse if any is you.

Competition for resources as everyone wants the exact resources you want. Did i mention every face is your own. Every clothe and house is simillar. Dreams are shared you cant do business. If you open one everyone opens.

Your familiar restaurants are only what exist. No one has their personality nothing new is being made. No one has discovered Facebook and even if you have everyone is you. You already know what everyone wants you cant converse.

The generation is aging no reproduction. Should you get sick everyone dies. You catch a flu everyone does. Should you think of crime well you cause a world war. Diversity at least brings the harmony diverse or uniform? The two are chaotic but humanity is dynamic. Diversity sounds better don’t you think?


Brain Storm showers

The dark clouds are aproaching

Rain drops falling

I need to be in the middle of the rain

Maybe If it rains on me i will brain storm

I am standing watching the rain

I feel the water on my skin

My hair is soaked and itchy

My clothes getting soggy

My throat is itchy am cold

My palms starting to wrinkle

Puddles on the road forming

The road is slowly flooding

The drainage with water roaring

A couple is sharing a tiny umbrella

Only the guys head is in the umbrella

I am seriously trying to avoid distractions

Back to my brain storm

I am thinking of an invention

That can read ones intention

And give correct prediction

Isn’t that minority report the movie

No i dont need cogs remember

Tom cruise stole one of the cogs

The others were useless without it

I hear taking a shower helps one think

Think rain counts? We call them rain showers

So far nothing. Humans are dynamic

Not static i know that is information basic

Well isnt that being insecure?

And intrusion of privacy?

What if your data is threatened by piracy?

So my idea is …

Mix the movie concept What men want

With Minority report and a touch of Inception

Now thats scary but intresting

Hear someones thoughts

Predict what their intentions are

And plant thoughts in their minds

I wonder what James Cameron

Would think of this.

My Eureka moment i am off to design blueprints.

See you in your dreams.


Incite a happy birthday

Happy birthday bro, dude He wishes

Happy birthday ,dear She wishes

I truly appreciate the wishes

Will we have a birthday party?

No! I say in a firm tone

But why? Why dont you want one?

Well my year has just began

I have reflected on my last year

It was great but how much did i achieve?

Not enough to have a party

I will however have fun

Moderate fun is the plan

But first list my new year objectives

Thats being too hard on yourself

Oh no am not punishing myself

Someone said failure permeates no alibis

I think I will rate this year 4.5/10

I know it will never be 10/10

It will however be nice to say

I explored my life every day

My measure for success

Well is in how much i grow


Tale of a Steak Dinner

Waiter what is this I distaste

A steak it is please have a taste

It is too small I thought it is a sample

Smaller than a pimple?

Yeah makes the plate stand out like a dimple

Well around here we keep it simple

Here sir use your fork there

The stake’s so small I don’t need a fork

It is called customer care

We wouldn’t want you to choke  

Your manners Sir chew then talk

Chew what, I swallowed whole

That’s serious you like a whale

That’s just okay I will drown in wine

You lament so much you love to whine

Waiter get me some more food

Sorry Sir you need to diet it’s not good

Hey manager this dude is rude

Not today am not in the mood

Can’t help you now sorry dude

Dude the customer is always right

Switch chairs then sit on the right


Insight a dilemma

Life is a journey they say take a step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step

Along the way the journey becomes overwhelming

Life is a mystery with dozens of questions

Was anyone born with an operation manual?

They say what I feel is pretty normal

If faced with a problem I consider breaking it down

Some say it is okay in break down

Is to forgive to let go a chance of justice?

How much of life is one in control of?

Justice and Revenge whats the border?

When the student is ready says Robin Sharma

A teacher will appear, what if your teacher is life?

Who offers CAT’s for one to answer and mark

Motivational speakers seem to have answers

But c’mon we know them their lives appear to need answers

Bottom line who has the answers?

Everyone seems to have an idea on what to do

If it were possible to sieve the information one would

What is the border between fear and peace?

Why do some seem to do it with ease?

It is a personal journey everyone takes

Should I trust my gut and have faith?

How much of the rules should one challenge?

Follow passion or take a job and manage?

Wait for rescue like a Disney Princess?

Take a leap into the unknown fall into pieces

Or if right dine with Princes

Well Jay Z had 99 problems in 2004

In 2019 money isn’t one

Introvert, extrovert or a little of both?

To be an extrovert without being a follower?

To be an introvert without suffering depression?

Some say we shouldn’t care about what others say

Are mentors included? Heed their words nay?

Image courtesy Pixabay

The journey is full of questions

Should one be all positive every time?

Fail and say it’s all right

Isn’t that part deceit cheating growth?

While honesty says you have failed

Growth believes you can do better

It is hard to stay motivated

Just because one is, challenges wont seize

But when one remembers

Oh I am growing this is just a setback

One may be successful in leadership

But struggle with personal relationships

That doesn’t make them a bad leader

It also doesn’t make them a bad person either


Harmonious Chaos

The day brought hard tasks
Backbreaking trials till dusk
Darkness didn’t bring relief
At least I tend to belief
Nightmares come with the night
Morning came, off the bed we wouldn’t get
Whether for money, honey or shares
Strange are the nightmares
Getting up is the stuff of nightmares
The night had a lullaby and the day had none.

The annoying alarm rings
My favourite music sings
Get up spread your wings
Fly to the clouds see if it rains
Ignore the pains
Don’t dwell long on past wins
All these are in my engraved in my brain. Is this the day’s Lullaby?

A speaker explained an alarm is what we perceive
An Alarm can be an opportunity clock
I prefer to go without breakfast
An hour on at work I arrive at last
My day brings challenges
Gratification brought by the solution
In solution is the reward of growth
The day is in sync however daylight fades

Again night comes
The end of light rest comes
Today I made little income
I end up sleeping hungry
If starvation does spare me tonight
If I get to see light
I will wake up with delight
Stare at the rising sun
Think of all my plans
Doubts arise within me
What if all losing no wins?
If the proverbial tunnel has no end
Therefore no light
The night has a lullaby failure however no alibi

Lessons come from a win or failing and winning
All trials can’t be winners
The dreams will turn into reality
With friends, I mingle
In a city full of lights and jingles
It is dark, challenging and cold
We continue to get through the lullaby bold
At least in an extraordinary way
We laugh and say in unison say
The night brought a lullaby what of the day?

image courtesy Pixabay

The night had a strange lullaby
Invisible with zero words
Quiet didn’t hear a sound
majority listened
The body giving in to its peace
It gets scary at times however the main aim is
Protecting us from the responsibilities of the day
Covering our soiled clothes from the hard work
Hiding the shame and guilt of the day
The day took the lullaby
Resting time is over am back to work
The day took the lullaby in a harmonious way


On your marks. Hone your craft

Look deep, look deeper

Check the surroundings

Do you feel like you have it?

You don’t have it?

From it can u benefit?

It wasn’t in you when you were born?

Does it mean one is doomed?

The journey more difficult

Some get it by default

Already making use of it with ease

Summon it when they please

Some go through baptism by fire

Still walk in with burns and tire

Read through a thousand books

And finally on it the hook

The journey doesn’t end

Each day there is a thing to mend

Some skill to tend

A workshop to attend

Strength and confidence are truly tested

When things don’t go as expected

When expectations hurt

An ego bruised an exposed heart

Worst fears come true

Insecurites demandind a duel

Everthing appears cruel

And time stood as the jury

Counting down with fury

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